Issuance of Membership Card

Estimated Time:

Ten minutes.


Membership Affairs Unit affiliated with the (ACC) Members Services Department.

Estimated Fee:

Ten Jordanian dinars

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Membership cards valid for one fiscal year from the date of issuance will be issued in Arabic and English for the merchants registered with the (ACC) provided that the annual subscription fee has been paid.

Conditions for obtaining service

Be a member At Amman Chamber of Commerce


For further information , please visit the Chamber's website:

or call the Membership Department' at the Chamber at one of the following numbers:+9626-5666151-5

Partner institutions:

Not Exist


1. Refer and hand over to the competent employee the required documents.
2. Card forms should be filled out in Arabic and English by the relevant person.
3. Card shall be issued after paying the fees



Required Documents

1. Personal photograph of the applicant for the Membership Card.
2. Membership Card form duly filled out and signed by the relevant person.

3. Valid Personal Identification Card: ID card (for Jordanians), Passport (for Non-Jordanians).
4. Valid Residence Permit for the Iraqi brothers.

5. Original Valid Profession License.

6. Cards are not issued before one year membership for the Chamber, once it is issued for the first time; members are required to bring the previous Profession License.   


Persons benefiting from the service

Merchant , Citizen , Investor , Resident ,Employee


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