Amman Chamber of Commerce Membership Record Cancellation

Estimated Time:

Two minutes.


Membership Affairs Unit Affiliated with the (ACC) Members Services Department.

Estimated Fee:

No fees will be collected for cancellation of a member's registration with the (ACC).

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Company or establishment registration will be cancelled at the (ACC) after cancellation of registration at the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Conditions for obtaining service

To have a previous membership record to delete.


Partner institutions:

Not Exist


1. Refer to the information desk to ascertain the documents required and to obtain a (turn) number.

2. Wait at the hall designated for persons coming to the Members Services Department until the number is called through the automatic calling system.

3. After receiving the application, the employee will cancel the member's registration with the (ACC).

Required Documents

1.      Letter issued by the Company or Establishment signed by the person  authorized to sign on administrative matters along with the document of cancellation (deletion) issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade for cancellation of individual establishments or companies of all types.


2.      Cancellation (Deletion or Elimination) may be performed through making an announcement in the official Gazette syndicating cancellation (deletion or elimination) of the company or establishment.

Persons benefiting from the service

Merchant , Investor , Citizen ,Resident , Employee


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