Recommendation Certificate from Amman Chamber of Commerce

Estimated Time:

Fifteen minutes.


Membership Affairs Unit affiliated with the (ACC) Members Services Department.

Estimated Fee:

Fees will be collected for each Recommendation Certificate as follows:

Merchant (Establishment/Company) with a capital of five thousand Dinars and more: Fees will be four Dinars.

Merchant (Establishment/Company) with a capital less than five thousand Dinars: Fees will be two Dinars.

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Any member registered with the (ACC) shall be entitled to obtain a Recommendation Certificate from the (ACC) according to a letter signed by the person authorized to sign on behalf of the Company or Establishment on administrative matters so that such recommendation certificate will be submitted to official or semi-official institutions or to Arab and foreign embassies in the Kingdom or to any other authorities or departments.

Conditions for obtaining service

To Be a member Registered in Amman Chamber of Commerce


For more information, please refer to the chamber website

Or contact the member services department in the chamber on one of the following telephone


Partner institutions:

Not Exist


1. Refer to the Information Desk to ascertain the documents required and to obtain a (turn) number.


2. Wait at the hall designated for visitors to the Members Services Department until your number is called through the automatic calling system.


3. After receiving the application, the employee will enter the necessary information into the computer, and after concluding this process, the application will be ready for paying the fees.


4. After paying the fees, the incumbent will be handed the Recommendation Certificate stamped with the (ACC) seal and signed by the employee authorized to sign on behalf of the (ACC).

Required Documents


1. Letter in writing signed by the person authorized to sign on administrative matters on behalf of the Company or establishment.


2. An appointment letter by the Company or Establishment in case the recommendation certificate is required for an employee of such Company or Establishment indicating employee’s date of appointment and job title.


3. In the event that the applicant for the Recommendation Certificate is a Company partner and is not authorized to sign, applicant’s signature will be obtained in case of appearing in person, or in case of endorsement by the Bank he/she is dealing with in Jordan of his/her signature as correct.


Persons benefiting from the service

Merchant , Citizen , Employee , Resident ,Investor


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