Liquidation of Joint-Labiality Company or Limited Partnership Company

Estimated Time:

(55 minutes)


General Administration / Investor Services Directorate / Department of Registration of companies

Estimated Fee:

liquidation fees (27) dinars.

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Conditions for obtaining service

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Partner institutions:

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1.Fill in the application site liquidation of all partners and the appointment of a liquidator of the company

2. Determine the fees paid.

3. Release to announce the appointment of the liquidator (delivered his relationship copied announcement liquidation) and address in the local newspapers.

4. Provide a clearance from the Social Security Corporation

5. Provide a clearance from the Departments of income tax and sales tax

6. Provide patent internal organization.

7. Mobilization of the liquidation report by the liquidator

8. The announcement of the liquidation and cancellation of the company after the specified period of the filter (15) fifteen days from the announcement of the appointment of the liquidator.

Required Documents

1.official letter terminate the lease and / or model waiver or withdrawal from the section.

2. Attach a copy of the identity card of the liquidat

Persons benefiting from the service



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