Training courses in laboratory testing

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According to the selected course


Royal Scientific Society- Training centre or on-site

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According to the selected course

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Conditions for obtaining service

Sending an official participation document from the institution or the participant by e-mail or fax.


1.Elemental Analysis of Fertilizers and Phosphate using spectroscopy Instruments
2.Uncertainty of Measurement
3.Chemical Safety in Chemical Laboratories 
4.Control Charting in Chemical Analysis Labs
5.Chemical Security in Chemical laboratories
6.Heavy metals Analysis of drugs using spectroscopy Instruments (AA &ICP-OES)
7.Validation of Analytical Chemical Methods
8.Microbiological analysis for cosmetics
9.Specialized training course using gas chromatography (GC) instrument 
10.Practical applications using    ICP – OES
11.Microbiological analysis of water and wastewater


Partner institutions:



1.The training course is announced

2.Registration of participants with reference to the official participation document

3.Training course will be conducted if the number of participants achieves the minimum required

Required Documents

Official participation document

Persons benefiting from the service

1.Public sectors 2.Private sectors


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