Laboratory Testing:Toys

Estimated Time:

Depends on the type and tests required.


Royal Scientific Society-Testing Laboratories- Automated Chemical Labs

Estimated Fee:

Depends on the type and tests required.

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Conditions for obtaining service

1.Type of standard 2.Sample size


Toys Testing

Partner institutions:

Ministry of Industry & Trade /Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization (JSMO)


  1. Inquire about the scope of testing performed on he material needing the testing from the Customer Services Office.
  2. Deliver the sample to Customers Services Office.
  3. Pre-payment (for new customers)
  4. Customers will be informed when the tests have been finished to pick up the results from the Customer Service Office.

Required Documents

1. JSMO request letter (for importers)

2. Private sector request 

Persons benefiting from the service

1. Public sectors 2. Private sector


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