Ministry of Environment


.H.E.Dr Muawieh Khalid Radaideh

General Information

Strategic/Institutional Objectives:
In accordance to what was previously discussed, the Ministry conducted consultation discussions
with its partners to review these initiatives and has set five objectives for the environment sector in
the Kingdom:
  • To protect & conserve the ecosystems
  • To prevent and reduce the negative impacts on the environment caused by pollution & climate change
  • To develop the capacities and anchoring the excellence culture
  • To raise public awareness and behavior change on environmental protection
  • To improve partnership with the private sector in priority sectors management


Executive Developmental Program of the Jordanian Government – Sector  Objectives:
The ministry of environment’s strategy for the years of 2017-2019 is consistent with the sector
objective “Protecting the components of the environment and sustaining them” and other minor objectives
as listed in the executive governmental program:

  • Conservation of ecosystems,
  • Reducing the negative impacts of the environmental changes on human
  • Improving general public awareness in the field of environment protection
  • Improving the institutional capacity in the organizations working in the environment sector 

Contact Information

  • City
  • Amman
  • PO Box
  • 1408
  • Address
  • Um uthaina King Faisl St
  • ZIP Code
  • 11941
  • Fax
  • (962) 6 5560288


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