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General Information

Jordanian Customs was established in 1923 (Act No. (22), 1959). In 1962, Act No. (1) was issued. The Temporary Act No. (16) was issued in 1983 followed by a new Customs Act (No. (20), 1998). This Act was later amended three times. The first amendment was made in accordance with the amending (Act No. (10), 1999), the second one was made in accordance with the amending (Act No. (16), 2000), and the third was made in accordance with (Act No. (27), 2000, the current Act in force.
Accordingly, the Department's goals and mission statement have changed. Instead of just restricting its role in collecting revenues for the treasury, it shifted onto new important goals such as supporting the national economy, promoting investment, facilitating trade, combating smuggling, protecting local society and environment from hazardous materials, and controlling the movements of passengers, goods, and vehicles crossing the Kingdom's borders.


Goals and Duties of the Customs Department:


1. Promoting investment and enhancing the competency of national industry to improve the national economy.

2. Facilitating Trade Between the Kingdom and Other Countries through the following:

3. Providing national treasury with revenues

4. Monitoring the movement of passengers, commodities and means of transport crossing the borders of the Kingdom in accordance with powers of the Department pursuant to legislations in force. This is clear through the following:

·            Implementing prohibition and restriction procedures

·            Monitoring the transit movement in cooperation with other Governmental Departments

5. Combating smuggling: Through the Enforcement Directorate, this operates and organizes the work of customs combating patrols that in return identifies and seizes all smuggling attempts in the Kingdom. Through activities of the rest of the directorates concerned in smuggling cases implied in documents and vouchers such as: altering the value, numbers, weights, measures or the HS codes, and coordinating smuggling combating activities on the international level in cooperation with the WCO through the regional Intelligence Liaison Office for the Middle East in Riyadh.

6.  Contribution in consolidating social security through warding off risks of dangerous items against the local community and citizens through the following:

·            Establish and enhance environmental awareness among the employees and citizens on how to deal with hazardous materials on health and environment.

·            Coordinate with the governmental and non-governmental parties.

·            Raise the efficiency of information systems through coordinating with customs organizations in neighboring countries and world customs administrations since hazards are of different sources and kinds that cannot be prevented by the political borders.

·            Upgrade the efficiency of customs laboratories and the rest of national laboratories in the field of tests to detect harmful and dangerous items and to outline approved standards.

7.  Contribute in controlling commercial activities to prevent illegal ones according to legislation's in force.

8. Be sure that customs officers in Jordan have the knowledge, skills, and support in order to work in a higher efficiency, we will preserve a good and positive working atmosphere for workers, which supports a good life and creates motivation for work and production.



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