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General Directorate of Civil Defense

The beginning of the civil defense work in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan dates back to the era of Jordan East Emirate, where its duties were carried out then by civilian teams of limited numbers and tasks operating within the municipal staff.

In 1948 and beyond, as a result of the events and the instability of the region, it was necessary to establish a body to protect civilians from the horrors of war. On the basis of Article (18) of the Defense Law No.(2), of 1939, the Prime Minster issued Defense Order No. (3) for the year 1953, by which the Minister of Defense was authorized to establish a Civil Defense Commission in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in order to carry out the Civil Defense objectives and to establish the necessary provisions to carry out these objectives.

In 1954, the Minister of Defense issued the Defense Order No. (1), of 1954, which included the formation of civil defense committees in Amman, districts, sub districts and townships to assume the functions of the Civil Defense. In 1955, the Defense Order No. (1), of 1955 was issued which included the amending the formation of Civil Defense committees.

Following the tripartite aggression against Egypt in 1956, and based on the belief of His Majesty the late King Hussein bin Talal (may his soul rest in peace), that "human being is the most precious of our possessions" The Royal order came out to establish the Civil Defense Directorate and therefore, Civil Defense Law No. (12), for 1959 was issued which replaced the Civil Defense Temporary Law No. (35) For 1956. The Civil Defense remained a part of the public security until it was separated administratively in 1970. In 1978, the Directorate of Civil Defense was financially separated from the Directorate of Public Security. To keep up with the developments witnessed here in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the nineties of the twentieth century, including the development and prosperity, the Civil Defense Law No. 18 of 1999 was issued to replace the Civil Defense Law No. 12 of 1959.

Since its formation, the General Directorate of Civil Defense has undergone several stages of modernization and development in various fields of  work in terms of organization and management by building organizational structures, issuing budgets and keeping abreast with the latest developments in modern management systems by adopting comprehensive quality systems for all its units and operations and rendering its services to all citizens through expanding the establishment of civil defense sites in all governorates of the Kingdom and to provide them with modern and advanced machinery and equipment as well as qualified and trained manpower to keep up- to-date with the industrial and technological progress , urbanization and population growth based on studied plans and within the strategic planning approach to achieve its vision and mission of "protecting and saving lives and properties with high readiness to ensure safety of homeland and citizens".

Believing that “the Civil Defense is the leader's gift to the people", it has set itself a clear path towards excellence in the provision of its services, which aims to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction for all residents.


  • Vision, Mission and Values ​​of the General Directorate of Civil Defense:

Our Vision: Pioneers in Civil Protection and a Model for the Comprehensive Civil Defense.

Our Mission: Protecting and saving lives and properties with high readiness to ensure the security of homeland citizens.

Our Values:

1.         Humanity.

2.         Belongingness.

3.         Sacrifice.

4.         Honesty.

5.         Team work spirit.

6.         Creativity.


  • Duties of the General Directorate of Civil Defense:

The Civil Defense Law No. (18), of 1999 defines the duties of the General Directorate of Civil Defense as follows:

1. To carry out firefighting and rescue operations and the resulted injuries, prepare qualified personnel for these operations, educate citizens and train them, providing the necessary machinery, equipment and means of communication and preparing studies on civil defense work.

2. Provide, regulate and supervise the means and tools for warning of air raids and disasters.

3. Check the readiness of public shelters for use.

4. Detecting explosives, identifying their locations and marking them, calling the public security forces to mark the area and then calling the competent services in the armed forces to neutralize and remove them.

5. Contribute to the detection of any chemical or radiation leakage in cooperation with the competent authorities to handle it and avoid its effects.

6. Recommending approval for the establishment of fuel stations and LPG distribution agencies and warehouses according to the approved conditions of prevention and self-protection.

7. Defining preventive measures and means of self-protection for the purpose of granting licenses to manufacture, store and sell explosives, fireworks, chemicals, hazardous materials and others.

8. Training volunteer teams from the public and private sectors throughout the Kingdom on performing the civil defense works to support civil defense.

9. Representing the Kingdom in international, regional and local organizations and conferences related to civil defense and civil protection.

10. Studying the plans of the commercial, industrial and tourist buildings and establishments that the Greater Amman Municipality and other municipalities must submit to ensure that the requirements of prevention and other means of self-protection against fire hazards are met according to the specifications prescribed by the legislations in force and supervising them by the General Directorate after the issuance of the required licenses.

11. Ensure the availability of the requirements of prevention and means of self-protection, warning and firefighting at commercial stores and industrial occupations.

12. Recommending approval for professional licenses related to the manufacture, import, sale, installation, maintenance or control of preventive and self-protection materials and equipment, in accordance with the instructions issued by the Director General for this purpose.

13. To perform any other duties related to the works of the Civil Defense, the Minister of Interior or the Director-General deems necessary.


  • Services

The General Directorate of Civil Defense provides a range of basic services that aim to provide assistance and aid to citizens. These services are divided into operational, preventive, training and educational services. The services manual was prepared for visitors to clarify each service, procedures and documents required according to the form approved by the Ministry of Public Sector Development in addition to the procedures flowchart of each service.

You can browse the services manual and see the services provided by clicking on the following link:


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