Approval to amend the bylaws of the Cooperative Society

Estimated Time:

 (30) days from the date of submitting the amendments to the General Administration


cooperation directorates in governorates

Estimated Fee:

Free of charge, except for amendments that entail a change in name and status, and require issuing a certificate of registration, seal and rules of procedures determined per instructions issued by the Board of Directors.

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Conditions for obtaining service




Partner institutions:

 The official gazette



Required Documents

1. Submitting the amendments application attached with the related documents to the Directorate of Cooperation in the governorate.

2. Reviewing the application in the concerned Directorate and assigning to the Director General by an official letter.

3. Auditing the amendment application in the registration department, assigning and submitting it to the Director General.

4. In case of approval, the application shall be returned to the Registration Department to announce the decision of amendment approval in the Official Gazette including the article before and after the amendment.

5- Providing the association with a copy of the resolution.


Persons benefiting from the service

Official letter from the association
Minutes of the emergency meeting of the general body regarding the amendment (two thirds of the present members).
4 copies of the amendment decision including the article before and after amendment signed by the administration committee of the association.
The documents that are affected by the amendment decision (the rules of procedure / certificate / seal).


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