Cooperative and training education for members and employees of associations and spreading culture and cooperative awareness

Estimated Time:

2- 5 days each course 


a- General Administration/Cooperative Institute (directorates of training).
b- Directorates of Cooperation in governorates.

Estimated Fee:


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  • Procedures
  • Required Documents
  • Persons benefiting from the service
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Conditions for obtaining service

Training course subject should be related to cooperative work and projects of cooperative associations.



Partner institutions:

 1. Government departments and ministries

 2. International organizations 3.

 3. Universities, institutes and the private sector.

 4. Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation / Productivity Enhancement Project for Cooperatives


1. Submitting service application to the concerned directorate of cooperation or to the General Administration / Cooperative Institute where the required training or education nature is determined

2. Studying the submitted applications, and identifying the concerned training and education parties in the required field.

3. Coordination with the concerned parties providing the service to prepare the training program including venue, time and related subjects.

4. Preparation of the training program and selecting trainers or lecturers to cover the program.

 5. Coordination with the Directorate of Cooperation to determine the training venue for co-workers and the schedule the training.

6. Executing the training program.

Required Documents

Official letter from the association

Persons benefiting from the service

1. Members of the general body of cooperative societies working therein.

 2. Administration committees, control committees and other committees in cooperative societies.

3. The local community.

4. cooperative societies partners.


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