Cooperative Society Registration in the governorate

Estimated Time:

30 days from the date of registering the transaction in the public administration


Cooperation directorates in governorates

Estimated Fee:

(510) JD for housing associations


(360) JD for all types of multi-purpose associations except for what was stated in other items


(185) JD for agricultural and women's associations

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Conditions for obtaining service

- The number of founders should not be less than 10 persons.

 - Applicants should Jordanians.

 - All foundation applicants must have completed 18 years of age at the time of submitting the foundation application

- All founders of the association should have the legal eligibility.

 - Any other conditions included in the rules of procedures prepared by the founders.



The institution is entitled to request any other document or modification to the above documents per case and requirements.

Partner institutions:

-The official gazette


1. Visiting the Directorate of Cooperation in the governorate to which the association center to be established is belonging, and submitting an application including the desire to establish a cooperative association.

2. Setting a date for the founding meeting in the presence of a staff member of the Directorate, and providing the applicant with establishing a cooperative association forms.

3. The constituent body holds a meeting for the foundation applicants to do the following:


Approving the association’s rules of procedures including all the association’s particular data.
Electing a preparatory committee.
Foundation Applicants sign the application, the memorandum and the articles.
Minutes of the meeting of the founding body

4. Submitting all required documents to the Directorate of Cooperation in the governorate to be audited and submitted to the public administration.

5. The foundation application shall be examined in accordance with the laws and regulations of the associations registration department, and submitted to the Director General, together with the recommendation for the issuance of the decision.

6. In case of non-approval, the applicants for foundation shall be informed by an official letter.

7. In case of approval:

- Announcing the decision in the official gazette

- Transferring the application to the registration department to grant the association a registration number, issue a certificate and an official stamp, and approve the articles

8. Submitting of the approval letter, registration certificate, seal and the rules of procedures to the applicant by the public administration or by the Directorate of Cooperation in the governorate.


Required Documents

- The meeting minutes of the founding body, including the decision to elect a preparatory committee of at least 3 members, and the names of the attendees with copies of the personal cards.

- (4) Copies of the foundation memorandum signed by the founding members

- (4) Copies of the association rules of procedures signed by the founding members.

- (4) Copies of the application form according to the prescribed form.

- Feasibility study for the proposed site project of signed by the Preparatory committee.

  - Notification (receipt) deposit from the approved bank with the Paid value of shares.

 - Notification (receipt) deposit with the registrations fees value and the price of the official seal of the association.

  - List of the of the applicants’ economic and social status.

  - Profession proof documents or the place where the founders work in the event of founding an association for a particular category.



Persons benefiting from the service

Natural and legal persons wishing to register a cooperative association.


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