Merger of cooperative societies

Estimated Time:

7-10 days


Directorates of cooperation in governorates

Estimated Fee:

-JD 20: issuing a registration certificate.


-JD 20: issuing the society’s rules of procedure.


- JD 10: issuing stamp

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  • Persons benefiting from the service
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Conditions for obtaining service

Announcing in t local newspapers about societies wishing to integrate at least 60 days before submitting the integration application, in addition to inviting the creditors to fix their debts or register their rights in each association.




Partner institutions:

 Jordanian banks- the official gazette 


1. Duly submitting the integration application attached with the required documents to the Directorate of Cooperation in the governorate.


2. Submitting the application with all documents from the Directorate of Cooperation in the governorate to the public administration


3. Studying the integration application in the registration department/ public administration department, and auditing the attachments then submitting it to the general manager.

4 The Director General issues the integration application approval.


5. Payment for the certificate issuance, stamping and rules of procedure (bank voucher)


6. Completing integration procedures, which include:


Giving a name to the new society
Registering the association and the announcing in the official gazette and the local newspapers as the actual and legal successor of the integrated associations, and all funds, rights, projects and obligations of the integrated societies shall be vested in the new Society.
Duly, issuing a registration certificate, rules of procedure and stamp.


Required Documents

1. A copy of the decision of the Emergency General Body (two-thirds of the present) members) approval to the integration of each society.

2. Report / short trial balance / assets list for each society.

3. A copy of the announcement published in a local newspaper.

4. Registration Certificate for the society and sealing it as well as its rules of procedure (for each society).

Persons benefiting from the service

Cooperative societies registered with the Cooperative Institution.


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