Technical support for the cooperative sector and facilitate its connection with lending sources and donors

Estimated Time:

Within 21 days from the date of registering the transaction in the Institution’s divan/public administration


-Cooperative institution / public administration.


- Directorate of cooperation in the concerned governorates

Estimated Fee:


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Conditions for obtaining service

1.There should be an existing project or intended to be in the association that requires technical support.
2. 2 Documents and decisions concerning the integrity of association’s financial and administrative position, and the conformity of the relevant regulations.



Partner institutions:



1. Submitting an application for technical support per an official letter in which all documents are attached.

2. The Directorate of Cooperation / Public Administration shall study the application and issue a report thereon and submit it to the Director General.

3. In case of legal or technical impediments, the Association shall be directed to rectify its situation in order to obtain technical support.

4. If there aren’t any legal or technical impediments, an official letter of approval attached with the report shall be issued to the concerned party.

Required Documents

1. The decision of the General body to approve obtaining the support.

2. The executive administrative decisions (economic feasibility study, the decision of the committee of authorization administration, etc.).

3. The financial and administrative documents per the instructions and conditions of the grantor or the lender.

Persons benefiting from the service

Cooperative associations


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