Participating in Youth Creativity Competition (Story, Poetry, Fine Art, Theatrical Script, Novel, Painting, Photography)

Estimated Time:

2 months


Ministry Center and Directorates of Culture in Governorates  / Directorate of  Studies and Publishing

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Conditions for obtaining service

1.Applicability of conditions stipulated in the instructions of the Youth Creativity Competition in Article 4 (f) of the Culture Welfare Law No. 36 of 2006 and its amendments
2.The applicant must be Jordanian.



Partner institutions:



1.The applicant shall refer to Directorate of Studies and Publishing and fill out the application for participation in the competition and attach the work which he intends to participate with.
2.The Directorate of Studies and Publishing shall view the requests, sort them and prepare the list of participants.
3.The judgement committees shall evaluate the e participating works .
4.The committees shall submit the names of the winners and judgement reports to the Minister for approval.
5.The Directorate of Studies and Publishing shall notify the winners of the date of awards ceremony.

Required Documents

1.Copy of birth certificate or personal ID.
2.The intended artistic participating work.

Persons benefiting from the service

Youth category (18-30) years old


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