Granting practicing certificate of physiotherapy/ physiotherapist

Estimated Time:

24 hours 


Health Professions and Institutions Licensing Directorate/ Health Professions Licensing Department 

Estimated Fee:

50 JD

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  • Persons benefiting from the service
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Conditions for obtaining service

Jordanian national 


Individuals born in 1989 must bring a deferred military service book or service exemption certificate 

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  1. Referring to the Health Professions Licensing Department and filling the form and attaching the required documents.
  2. Auditing the documents and approving the form.
  3. Payment of the prescribed fees in the Finance section.
  4. Entering applicant’s information of the to the program of issuing practice certificates.
  5. Issuing professions practice certificate.
  6. Signing the certificate form the Minister or representative.
  7. Delivering the practice certificate to the service recipient. 

Required Documents

  1. A copy of the General Secondary Certificate, certified.
  2. A copy of Bachelor’s Degree, certified.
  3. A copy of certificate of equivalency of the Bachelor’s Degree for non-Jordanian universities graduates.
  4. Non-criminal certificate.
  5. A copy of ID.
  6. 2 personal photos 

Persons benefiting from the service

Holders of Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy


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