Candidacy for scholarships or study seat outside Jordan - postgraduate degree levels

Estimated Time:

Self-funded study seats for postgraduate studies: 25 working days.

Postgraduate scholarships through the Civil Service Bureau for civil servants: 10 working days.


Ministry’s website:

Estimated Fee:


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Conditions for obtaining service

The student is a Jordanian citizen.

The student meets the criteria required for admission donor countries.



Partner institutions:

Ministry of foreign and expatriate affairs

Embassy of the scholarship donor country

Civil Service Bureau


Self-funded seats for postgraduate studies:

Announced through the Ministry's website. Applications and documents shall be submitted to the Ministry by physical attendance.

Official letters are sent to embassies or cultural counselors to send admissions, the students shall be informed of their acceptance


Postgraduate Scholarships via the Civil Service Bureau for public servants:


The Ministry sends a letter to the Civil Service Bureau to circulate and nominate the employees according to cultural exchange agreements with different countries.

The Bureau shall send the names of candidates and their ID documents to the Ministry.

A letter is sent to embassies or cultural counselors with nominations for scholarships to receive the admissions.

Required Documents

Automatically indicated upon filling out the application online

Persons benefiting from the service

Jordanian students who meet the criteria of admission for graduate studies in the announced countries.


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