Appealing the decision of the Credential Equivalency Committee

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15-5 working days


Headquarters of the Ministry

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The appeal shall be submitted as follows


Submit a formal appeal at the office of requests for credentials equivalency, according to the designated form within 60 days of notification of the decision, provided that such appeal states the reason for the appeal and attaching the supporting documents


Payment of the prescribed fees, which is the same fee paid when applying for credentials equivalency for the first time


The appeal will be presented to the credentials equivalency committee for decision


If the appeal is approved, the appeal holder shall be notified and a new document shall be prepared with the decision and the previous document shall be returned. If the appeal is not approved, the committee shall reaffirm its previous decision and inform the applicant. The decision of the committee shall be definite in this case


Required Documents

The appeal application form / Office of the equivalency requests

Supporting documents of the appeal

Persons benefiting from the service

Persons having a previous equivalency decision


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