International interconnections through Enterprise Europe Network

Estimated Time:

3 months to prepare the international interconnections file and submit it to the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)


Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation and all its offices located in the governorates

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1. presenting Business Offers in a commercial way:
- looking for an intermediary in European markets (distributor / agent / representative ...)
-  Presenting the investment of local enterprise production lines to the international partners in the European markets in order to exploit the productive design capacity.
-  looking for a partner in the European markets by selling part of shares.
- Searching for project financier.
2. Requesting business requests in a commercial manner:
-  Request to import a product or service from the International Trade Company.
- Request to be a local intermediary for a product or service in an international company in order to complete the products package and services available to him.
-  Request for partnership with an international company by buying part of its shares.
- Searching for a project idea in international markets to finance it.
3. Technology Transfer Offer (Technology Offer) not commercially available with European markets.
4. Technology Transfer Request (Technology Request) not commercially available with European markets.
5. Research & Development Request with European markets.


Conditions for obtaining service

The company must be registered in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply or the official authorities.

- Have experience and absorptive capacity.

 - Ability to afford all expenses associated with interconnect opportunities.

-  Commitment to cooperate and continue to benefit from interconnect opportunities.


* Note: the beneficiary assumes shall later all expenses related to the needed preparations to implement the service such travel and accommodation costs abroad.

Application dates:

Continuous throughout the year.

Partner institutions:

Supreme Council for Science and Technology.


-Submitting an application and attachments for benefitting from international interconnection services  

- Verifying the applicant's eligibility by the institution.

- Conducting field inspection visit by the EEN team.

-Filling out the international interconnection file by the EEN team in cooperation with the beneficiary company.

- Reviewing the file internally by a member of the EEN team.

· Reviewing the file externally by two certified auditors of the European Projects Network.

- Uploading the file on the European Projects Network of website by the EEN team.

-Responding to queries received by interested people on the network by the EEN team in cooperation with the beneficiary company.

-Arranging for bilateral meetings between the beneficiary company and those interested in international interconnections request through the EEN team in cooperation with the beneficiary company.

- EEN team assistance in the negotiation phase between the beneficiary company and its interested counterpart in European markets.

- Providing the EEN team with a final report about the status of international interconnection.

Required Documents

-Submitting a request for benefiting from international interconnection.

- Attaching the company registration certificate.

- Attaching the company’s profile.

-  Attaching supporting documentation according to the type of international interconnection needed such as budgets, brochures, illustrations and so on.

Persons benefiting from the service

Small and medium companies that have willingness to interconnect with European companies in the areas of business partnerships, technology transfer and research collaboration.


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