Request for a loan from Governorates Development Fund

Estimated Time:

4-6 months to:

-obtain the investment decision from the date of submission /

-prepare feasibility study)


- Approval of financing: signing the financing agreement maximum for 8 years.

The financing amounts shall be transferred in installments according to the investment plan


Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation

Estimated Fee:


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Conditions for obtaining service

1. The project owner’s contribution should not be less than 10% of the project size, provided that the remaining funding is provided.

2. The Jordanian labor force shall not be less than 60%.

3. The Fund's contribution should not exceed 70% -80% of the total project size.

4. The total cost of the project should not be less than 100,000 Jordanian Dinars.

5. The name of the applicant should not be in the black list of companies, and should not be related to any legal claims.


• The project should be registered as a money company (limited liability or private equity company).

In case of obtaining funding approval, the project land should be waived from the name of the project owner to the name of the company in case of obtaining approval


The ratio of project financing ranges is between 25-70% maximum of investment amount, provided that the remaining amount is financed by the project owner where annual profits equal 10% are deducted of the net profit of the project, provided that they do not exceed 25% of the total amount of funding provided by the Fund, in addition to repaying the loan principal monthly.

Partner institutions:



1. The applicant fills out the form of Governorates Development Fund (initial contact report) available in the institution offices / Directorate of Financial Support Tools.


2. The study and investment analysis team / financial support team shall evaluate the form of the development fund (initial contact report) according to the fund’s criteria.


 Preparing studies through the Fund's services - Technical support

- The Study and Investment Analysis team / Financial Support Tools shall identify the eligible applications to transfer to economic feasibility studies phase that is prepared by the institution (technical support provided by the Fund).


 The Investment Studies and Analysis team and the Procurement Department team shall submit a tender to prepare feasibility studies for eligible projects.


• The Evaluation Committee (to be determined by the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation will assess the applications submitted by the consulting firms.

_ Tender shall be awarded to the consulting company according to the instructions of the evaluation committee. The company shall start preparing studies and follow up with the study and the investment analysis team/ financial support tools department to review and approve the study.


Preparation of studies by entrepreneurs


- The Investment Team and the Investment Analysis Team / Financial Support Tools Directorate shall inform those eligible for the feasibility study stage and ask them to identify the institution that shall prepare the feasibility study.


- The applicant shall inform the Fund about the party that will prepare the feasibility study.

-The Study and Investment Analysis team / Financial Support Tools Directorate shall approve the institution and inform the applicant to proceed with the feasibility study preparation.


- The applicant shall deliver the economic feasibility study to the investment studies and analysis team


3. The Study and the Investment Analysis team / Financial Support Tools Directorate shall review the economic feasibility study and make a final agreement with the project owner on the study data and the funding structure (self-financing, financing of governorates development fund, other funding parties.


4. The Study and the Investment Analysis team/ Financial Support Tools Directorate shall present the projects (prepared by the Fund or the entrepreneurs) to the Executive Committee of governorate Development Fund.

5. The Executive Committee of governorate Development Fund shall give the investment decision (funding approval or disapproval)


6. If funding is approved:

- The Financial Support Tools Directorate team shall send the approval to the project owner and specify the necessary requirements for signing.

- Signing the financing agreement

- Project work commencement

- Follow-up with the project work by the Financial Support Tools Team


7. Project financing disapproval

- Sending apology letter

Required Documents

- Existing companies - in case of expansion funding

- Deed for the piece of land or a letter from Land Department stating state of the land to be constructed

- Company registration certificate

 - Trade name certificate

 -  Governmental approvals and licenses

 - Organizational site layout

  -The engineering plans for the site and the engineering report

 - The Company's financial statements for (the last 3 years)

- Company bank statement (for the last 6 months)

 - Bank certificates of outstanding loans in terms of fund, balance, type, interest rate, and the collateral pledged against them. (if any)

- Demonstration of the company’s ability / project owners to cover their own contribution


- Projects under construction

- Deed for the piece of land or a letter from Land Department stating state of the land to be constructed

- Obtaining all initial approvals and licenses / letter of no objection to construct the project by all concerned parties (before obtaining funding).

- Organizational site layout conforming the project activity

- Engineering plans for the site and engineering report

- Building permit (if any).

- Bank statement of account for the project owner for the last 6 months indicating his ability to cover the self-contribution.

Persons benefiting from the service

- Any Jordanian citizen or group of persons who have creative ideas, desire and ability to establish a productive project and have the scientific and practical ability to follow up and manage the project.

 - Associations having the desire and ability to establish productive projects of clear and high value for the economy at governorates, provided that to be managed on a commercial basis and separate from associations.

- Existing companies or institutions wishing to expand or establish new projects.


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