Request for Incubation for Start-ups Projects

Estimated Time:

Depending on application evaluation results


- When financial claims are submitted, they are transferred to the financial accountant to conduct the necessary action within a period not exceeding 14 working days.


Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation and the Jordan Company for Creativity

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Conditions for obtaining service

1- Jordanian national over 18 years old.

2. Joining a training course under the title” establish your own business”.

3- The project should be implemented in any governorate except Amman, Zarqa and Aqaba.

 4- The project should be productive or service, and all types of trade projects are not included.

5. The project should be registered in the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the concerned chambers under the name of the beneficiary only.



Partner institutions:

Jordan Company for Creativity


1- The project owner should personally apply to benefit from the grants supporting new projects through Jordan Creativity Company by filling the application for business incubators membership and preparing work plan in accordance with the form allocated for this purpose and the project's financial disbursement schedule.

2 - Jordan Company for Creativity shall send applications in the dates determined annually, usually at the end of April and August and December each year).

3- The institution shall form a committee of Business Incubators Department employees and the Industrial Support Directorate to evaluate the technically advanced projects according to a form according to the technical standards approved by the Corporation.

4- The Corporation announces evaluation results and sends official correspondence to the Jordanian Creativity Company to inform them about projects results (successful, unsuccessful) and clarify reasons.

5 - Coordination with the Jordan Company for Creativity to sign grant contracts with projects that meet the technical conditions.

6 - Ceremony for signing grant contracts and introducing beneficiaries to the procedures followed to implement grant terms.

7- Project implementation stage is carried out by beneficiaries of the grant submitting monthly financial claims to the institution through Jordan Creativity Company.

8 - Disbursement of financial claims due to beneficiaries according to specific procedures and instructions per the submitted work plan.

9. Monthly follow-up with the progress of the plans of beneficiary business projects and their respective financial claims.

Required Documents

Before support approval:

1- Financial disbursement table.

2-  Project work plan

3- Curriculum vitae of the applicant


After approval of the support

1. Legal guarantee.

2- Certificate of the project registration.

3 - Vocational license.

Persons benefiting from the service

Persons owning pilot and emerging projects ideas (individuals or small institutions).


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