Registration of an individual establishment

Estimated Time:

10-15 minutes for the entire process (starting from the submission of the application)


Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply/ The Central Trade & Industrial Registration Directorate/ Trade Registration Section/ industry and trade departments in all governorates 

Estimated Fee:

-    10JD for applicants whose capital is less than 20,000JD
-    20JD for applicants whose capital is more than 20,000JD and less than 30,000JD
-    30JD for applicants whose capital is more than 30,000JD and less than 50,000JD
-    40JD for applicants whose capital is more than 50,000JD
-    5JD for first-time business registration certificate
-    In case a representative is present, 5JD is paid as fees for the general power of attorney and JD2 for the special power of attorney.
-    27JD for a letter of attorney in case the representative was a lawyer


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Conditions for obtaining service

Application should be submitted personally by the applicant or a person authorized by a general or special power of attorney; the original copy should be presented.



Partner institutions:

Ministries and other government agencies concerned with licensing commercial activities. Role: Granting prior approval of the purposes and activities of the establishment under registration


1.    The applicant takes a number from the machine (category B)
2.    The trade registration clerk fills the business license form electronically.
3.    The applicant receives an application form to obtain the consent of concerned agencies in case such approval is required.
4.    Fees are paid to ministry’s treasurer and the receipt is presented to the trade registration clerk.
5.    The head of the trade registration section double-checks and signs the certificate and presents it to the recipient.


Required Documents

-    Official ID card or passport for non-Jordanians
-    Approvals by concerned parties when the establishment has objectives that require prior consent 
-    A rent contract certified by the Greater Amman Municipality or another concerned municipality 
-    Ownership deed of the trade outlet in case the applicant owns the property
-    Cash deposit worth JD50,000 for non-Jordanians 

Persons benefiting from the service

Individual businessmen


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