Certifying certificates of origin

Estimated Time:

10 minutes


Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supplies’ headquarters and departments in governorates, along with affiliated offices in (East Amman Investors Industrial Association in Marka/ King Abdullah II Industrial Estate office in Sahab/ Amman Chamber of Commerce/ Amman Chamber of Industry/ Zarqa Chamber of Industry/ Salt Chamber of Commerce in Der Alla.

Estimated Fee:

-    5JD for each certificate
-    Revenue stamps for the Finance Ministry


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Conditions for obtaining service

- The item intended for exporting should meet the origin criteria as set in the agreement under which it is exported. - The concerned person or a proxy should be present.



Partner institutions:




1.    The certificate of origin and invoices intended for certification are presented.
2.    Revenue stamps are placed on the certificate 
3.    The certificate is checked in terms of the authenticity of data and whether the data match the invoice, in addition to the authenticity of origin
4.    The certificate is certified 


Required Documents

-    The certificate of origin
-    Invoice
-    The required approvals in applicable, based on the nature of the product


Persons benefiting from the service

Investors and exporters


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