Renewal of importer electronic card

Estimated Time:

20 minutes


-    Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supplies/Trade Directorate / import-export section
-    Industry and trade department in Balqa, Mafraq, Irbid, Karak, Zarqa, Tafileh and Maan


Estimated Fee:

-    15JD for renewal original copy of the import card 
-    0.2JD for revenue stamps on each copy of the import card



  • Description
  • Procedures
  • Required Documents
  • Persons benefiting from the service
  • Files
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Conditions for obtaining service

The presence of the person concerned or their proxy



Partner institutions:

Companies’ Controller Department/ industry and commerce chambers/GAM/ Municipalities Ministry/ Income and Sales Tax Department/Jordan Custom Department



1.    The application examiner refers to the trade register to check whether the importer’s card is valid or expired for purposes of renewal and in case the conditions are not met, the application is rejected
2.    The person concerned or a proxy fill the form and present it with the required documents to the official.
3.    The application is checked and referred to the representatives of the tax department, Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), Amman Chamber of Commerce/Industry, who are based in the ministry to check the application and obtain their approvals.
4.    Fees for card renewal and revenue stamps are paid at the ministry’s treasurer.
5.    The data are entered into the system and one copy of the electronic card is printed.
6.    The printed card is double-checked and signed before it is referred to the head of the section or the person authorized to sign for signature, then the card is sealed with the official seal and with the “an electronic non-negotiable importer’s card” seal. 
7.    The card is presented to the applicant and the application is archived.


Required Documents


1.    A copy of the trade register certificate or a merchant’s registration certificate
2.    A copy of the trade name certificate if the applicant has one 
3.    A valid certificate of membership in an industry or commerce chamber 
4.    An original valid profession -practicing license and a copy of it
5.    An income and sale tax registration certificate
6.    A letter of authorization by the person concerned in the name of the applicant, signed by the person authorized for the trade register and certified by a commerce or industry chamber or an accredited bank, provided that the certification took place less than one week prior to the submission of the application
7.    A certified copy of the general or special power of attorney, provided that the certification took place less than one week prior to the submission of the application


Persons benefiting from the service



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