Adding on the passport

Estimated Time:

Two hours


Offices of civil status and passports department  in the governorates and districts .
Directorate passports of West Bank and Gaza.
Jordanian embassies and consulatesabroad .


Estimated Fee:

15 JD for permanent Jordanian passports
25 JD for temporary Jordanian passports

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Conditions for obtaining service

•An application submitted from guardian personally or from the holder of guardianship argument in the case of death of the father.
•When adding underage children who under the eleventh required to having a valid passport and the presence of a parent.
•When adding minor children are required to be adding on the Palestinian / Israeli card of father or mother, those who hold the bridges cards .
•The presence of the personal relationship or a family member.
•If the applicant have another nationality he must show passport for that nationality  In order to store the name contained in the other nationality.
•Bring guardianship argument in the case of the father deceased for the underage applicant.



•The range of age to add-on from one day till 14 years in case of adding on temporary passports to the people of the Gaza Strip
•The range of age to add-on from one day till 11 years in case of adding on permanent passports   temporary passports to the people  of the West Bank


Partner institutions:



  • Visit audience service desk and show the required documents for auditing and adopting  and filling an application to adding on the passport and get the turn number. Visit  admissions officer to to match the information submitted with the application and acceptance it in system by.
  • Visit the office head  or his assistant to approval of the transaction
  • Visit Treasurer to Pay legal fees.
  • Convert the application to issuance section to issuance the document.
  • Convert the application to the archive section to archive the application.
  • the transaction will send to the printing section to print the document.
  • Delivery of the passport to the recipient of the service after the financial voucher handover to delivery employee.


Required Documents

•Passport that require adding on it .
•Birth certificate for each child or a copy of it.
•Two personal picture for children who Intended to be added.
•Bridges cards to those who hold or Explanations of follow-up inspection to those required to do so.
•The identity card to the applicant or proof of identity.


Persons benefiting from the service

Holders of permanent Jordanian passports
Holders of temporary Jordanian passports


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