Changing the place of residence

Estimated Time:

An hour and a half


The civil status office  that wanted changed place of residence within its competence

Estimated Fee:

5 JD

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Conditions for obtaining service

The request submitted by paterfamilias or his wife In the absence of the paterfamilias outside jordan to district center (district administrator) on condition his written consent and unification of the residence of a wife with a husband. Must be a period of not less than one year on the family record in the office is required changing the place of residence outside his district


• The cancellation of identity cards that issued in old residence after approving transaction to be renewed later.
• In case Changing place of residence for Military persons because they do not have identity cards Will be adopted  residence place in the family book of the husband and install it on own documents of his family members within civil record .
• for Wives of non-Jordanians the older residence place will remain for Jordanian wife  Depending on  Father record Or to place her stay regardless of the nationality of the husband.

Partner institutions:

District center The Police Center


• Visiting of audience service office and filing an application form of providing customized service to change the place of residence then getting the turn number.
• Visit the admissions officer on the counter for auditing and acceptance by duly .
• Convert transaction to correction officer to change the old data and entering new data on computer.
• Approving transaction from head the office or his assistant
• Visit treasurer to pay legal fees.
• Entering the provided data in the request of change of residence.
• Convert the transaction to auditing employee to retrieve and auditing the data and saving it permanently.

Required Documents

- Certificate from the police station according the actual residence of the family for a period not less than one year in the place required change to it .
- Formal letter from district administrator according to actual residence of the family.
- Acknowledged of the paterfamilias / wife.
- School certificates for children who are in the compulsory level of the study, if there
- Certificate from Mukhtar of area  and certified by the administrative governor or a certified lease contract or bills (water, electricity).

Persons benefiting from the service

Jordanian citizens


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