Passport issuing ordinary for the first time

Estimated Time:

Two hours


• Office of Civil Status and Passports Department which existing in it the family passport file and in the absence of a file the submission to the office which is located within its competence.
• Jordanian embassies and consulates abroad .


Estimated Fee:

50 JD

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Conditions for obtaining service

• The presence of the personal relationship or a family member. • Must be have civilian record and a personal card. • Guardian (father / mother ) the right to apply for a passport for the first time for his children Underage. • For the wife to obtain a passport without her husband's consent. • For women who Divorced / widowed she must bring Argument temporary guardianship issued by Sharia court.


Acknowledged of damsel or widowed or divorced, stating not being associated with the marriage until the date of application (on the same passport application form).

Partner institutions:

Packing and recruitment department Follow-up and Inspection Department General Command


• Visit audience service desk and show the required documents for Auditing and Adopting  and filling an application to obtain a passport and get the turn number.
• Visit  Admissions Officerto to match the information submitted with the application and acceptance it in system by Duly.
• Visit the Office head  or his assistant to  
   approval of the transaction.
• Visit Treasurer to Pay legal fees.
• Convert the Application to issuance section to issuance the document.
• Convert the Application to the archive section to archive the Application.
• The transaction will send to the printing section to print the document.
• Hand out the passport for the Applicant himself after the financial voucher handover to delivery employee.

Required Documents

• Application form of Passport
• Application form of disclose address
• Identity card for the recipient of the service.
• Two of new colorful personal photos.
• Passport which added on it person for delete of it.
• Flag Service book has been postponed or termination certificate for males from birth required to serve Flag .
• Yellow bridges cards and Palestinian Israeli card for Those who hold it or explanation of follow-up and inspection.
• Approval letter from the general command for the military and their wives. Or official letter of personnel or officers affairs department for members  of public security and civil defense and gendarmerie.
• Family book if the Applicant a married woman.
• Proof of nationality and residence as Contained in the in the Jordanian nationality law No. 6 of 1954, as amended, in the absence of a family file for a passport.
• Foreign passport for who holds.
• Guardianship argument to those who needed it.

Persons benefiting from the service

Jordanian citizens


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