Issuing temporary residence card instead of damaged for The people of Gaza Strip who residents in the jordan

Estimated Time:

2 hours


Civil status and passport department/directorate of status and passport West Bank and Gaza/Gaza office

Estimated Fee:

Inested of damage 3 JD

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Conditions for obtaining service

•The applicant must submitting the request by himself by the form prepared for this purpose. •Bring proof of personality of applicant or certificate of a member of the family who brings official documents. (valid passport)


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Partner institutions:

follow-up and Inspection department


• Visit the audience service desk and show required documents for auditAnd adoption thenFilling the Application form for Obtain a temporary residence cardand get the turn number
• Visit  admissions officer to match the information submitted with the application and acceptance it in system by Duly.
• Visit the office head  or his assistant to approval of the transaction
• Visit Treasurer to pay legal fees.
• Convert transaction to the archive section to archive the transaction.
• Convert the transaction  to the printing section to print the document.
• Delivery the personal card for the service recipient after the financial voucher handover to delivery employee.

Required Documents

• Explanations of follow-up and Inspection department or stamping follow-up inspection .
• A financial guarantee by the notary or written pledge as determined by the head of the office.
• Proof of personality of the applicant (valid passport).
• Good conduct in the case of the passport is not valid.
• Two of new colorful personal photos.

Persons benefiting from the service

The people of Gaza Strip


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