Cancellation of deportation orders against expatriates

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21 working days


Directorate of Citizenship,Foreigners  Affairs and Investment / Ministry’s headquarters

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Conditions for obtaining service

To be deported or a deportation order is issued against him/her.


-A deportation order is issued against him/her.

Partner institutions:

-Security agencies.


-The applicant shall fill out the form designated for canceling the deportation order.

-The receptionist will check and verify the documents.

-The application is then referred to the residency section for examination and issue an opinion letter addressed to the concerned authorities.

-Upon receipt of the responses of the concerned parties, a letter is prepared to approve the cancellation of the deportation order.

-The service applicant is then handed-over a letter approving the cancellation of deportation to complete the procedures in the residence and borders department.

Required Documents

-A copy of the passport of the petitioneragainst whom a deportation order has been issued.
-A copy of the sponsor's identity or passport if the sponsor is a natural person.
-A letter from the company or institution "in case the petitioner is a legal person", in addition to: the commercial registration and vocational license.
-Fill out the personal details form of the deported person.
-A preliminary contract of employment if the deportee is coming for the purposes of work.

Persons benefiting from the service

Expatriates against whom a deportation order is issued regardless of whether the expatriate is of restricted or unrestricted nationality.


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