Exchanging bridges statisticalGreen cardswith yellow cards for adults

Estimated Time:
  •  Only 1 hour for the wives of Jordanians who hold nationality certificate has not been issued for more than six months
  •  working weeks for the remaining transactions requiring security approval.
  • Inspection follow-up department  / Tabarbour
Estimated Fee:

  • 100 JDs for each card exchanged or issued

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  • Procedures
  • Required Documents
  • Persons benefiting from the service
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Conditions for obtaining service

  • Be a Jordanian citizen and hold a family reunion status.
  • To be a resident outside the West Bank with proof of residency or study for at least nine years.
  •  Approval by the General Authority for Palestinian Civil Affairs for holders of newfamily reunion status.


  • Permanent Jordanian Passport.
  • Valid family booklet

Partner institutions:

  • Vetting and Follow-up Division / Bridge Security Administration
  • Security agencies.
  •  Civil Status and Passports department
  • Directorate of recruitment and public mobilization - the Popular Army
  • Ministry of Finance


  • The cards exchange form; for adults and wives of Jordanian citizensis filled by the service applicant.
  •  The application shall be submitted to the receptionist in the documents exchange and auditing section, which shall indicate the application conformity to the exchange criteria.
  •  If all criteria are met, the application will be transferred to the security authorities for opinion.
  • After receipt of security approval on the application, exchange procedures are carried out.
  •  Exchange is done immediately of certificate of nationality for wives of Jordanian citizens, if such certificate was not issued for more than six months from the date of obtaining it without security approval.
  •  Fees shall be paid to the representative of the Ministry of Finance in the Department.
  • The Vetting and Follow-up Division / Bridge Security Administrationis addressed to exchange or issue the yellow card to the applicant.

Required Documents

  • A permanent Jordanian passport.
  • Valid family book.
  • A military conscription booklet or a certificate of termination or exemption from military conscription.
  • Affidavit from the Vetting and Follow-up Division.
  • Israeli permit, Palestinian identity card, and the bridges green card if any
  • Duly certified proof of student residency permit outside the West Bank.
  • A letter from the General Authority for Civil Palestinian Affairs for new holders of family reunion status.
  • First visit permit or visa for those who have a recent reunion status.
  • Nationality certificate for holders of Jordanian nationality from their Jordanian husbands.

Persons benefiting from the service

  •  Jordanian citizen who turned 18 years old.
  •  Wives of Jordanian citizens with bridges green card.


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