(Procedures for Recruitment Applications Submitted by Investment Companies in Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ).Investment Countenance Unit)

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3 Days


Investment Authority

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275 JD

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Investment Authority


  • The employer or his representative shall submit the application to the investment services unit.
  • A list of applications submitted by investment companies operating in qualified industrial zones (QIZ) shall be prepared, and presented to the minister of labour representative in the investment authority.
  • The minister of labour representative in the investment authority will review the recruitment applications submitted by investment companies in qualified industrial zones.
  • In case of approval, the representative of minister of labor for investments affairs will address the ministry of interior to express an opinion regarding the company request.
  • Once the ministry of interior approves the recruitment request; the employer will be directed to the designated labour directorate to pay the work permits fees.
  • Once the receipt of work permits fees is delivered, a letter will be sent to the ministry of interior to approve the legal procedures of worker recruit
  • Permits for some non-closed professions can be directly renewed by addressing the ministry of interior, without the need of referring to the commission.
  • After the worker/workers enter the kingdom, procedures will go through the previously mentioned stages, which also used in workers recruitment from restricted nationalities in other sectors:


  1. Check with the designated labour directorate/recruiting department and submit the required documents.
  2. Signing 2 copies of the contract by the parties; in presence of the officer.
  3. Update the worker’s data on the migrant workers’ system; according to the worker’s date of entry. 
  4. The work permit is printed.
  5. Stamp the worker’s passport with the work permit data.

Provide the applicant with the work permit and the passport, plus a copy of the certified work contract, and the residency and borders form for residency issuance purposes.

Required Documents

  • A letter from Jordan investment commission or the company includes the names & professions and pictures of the workers.
  • Workers passports.
  • Industrial registration certificate.
  • A copy of a valid profession license.

Persons benefiting from the service

Employers and investors


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