Accreditation of Safety and Occupational Health Committees

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(15) minutes if the documents are complete and comply with the related regulations.


The Ministry/ 7th Circle/ Inspection Directorate – Safety and Vocational Health Department.

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Conditions for obtaining service

  1. The number of workers in the institution should be more than (50).
  2. The institution manager should be the head of committee.
  3. The committee’s representative and rapporteur should be a safety and vocational health specialist/technician for the company and accredited by the Ministry of Labor.
  4. The heads of production department should be members in the committee.
  5. The remaining members of the committee should be workers and with an equal number to the number of the heads of departments.
  6. The institution doctor (if any a member in the committee).



Partner institutions:



  1. Submitting an accreditation application for committee formation to the Inspection Directorate – Safety and Vocational Health Department.
  2. Studying and auditing the accreditation application and the extent of its compatibility with the related regulations.
  3. If the accreditation application complies with the provisions of the regulation of forming of Safety and Vocational Health supervisors committees, the application is documented in the bureau of the Ministry.
  4. Issuing the accreditation official letter, documenting and delivering it to the applicant.

Required Documents

An official letter issued by the institution addressed to the Minister of Labor including the accreditation application to form a safety and vocational health committee.

Persons benefiting from the service

All sectors subject to Labor Law, which apply to the articles (3), (4) and (7) from the regulation of forming committees and safety and vocational health supervisors no. 7 of 1998.


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