Authentication of the Bylaws for the Private Institutions

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24 – 48 Hours


The Ministry headquarters – 7th Circle - Directorate of Legal Affairs.

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  • Submit the initial bylaw draft attached with a coverage letter to the ministry bureau, document it and refer it to the directorate of legal affairs.
  • Refer the bylaw to the legal researchers.
  • Auditing the bylaw with the attendance of the applicant or give a timeout.
  • In case of any notes the bylaw will be referred to the applicant for adjustments.
  • In case of no notes the bylaw will be approved for the applicant, and an official addressing regarding the bylaw will be prepared for documentation purposes and to be circulated upon the workers after providing the required documents.
  • Handing the approved bylaw by an official letter to the applicant.

Required Documents

  • A coverage letter from the applicant requesting the authentication of the bylaw signed by the authorized signatory for the legal affairs with mentioning the name and stamped with the company stamp.
  • 2 copies of the suggested bylaw stamped with the company stamp and signed by the authorized signatory printed on papers with the institution letterhead.
  • A copy of the institution registration certificate according to the concerned entity (ministry of industry and trade, ministry of social development, etc.…).
  • A copy of the registration certificate of the institution stating the authorized signatory of the institution for legal affairs

Persons benefiting from the service

Any entity wishes to authenticate its bylaw according to the provisions of article (55) of the labor law according to the mentioned terms.


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