Calculations of Work Injury Compensation for Workers Who are not subject to the Social Security Law

Estimated Time:

3 Working Days for Each Phase if all the required documents are available.



  • The Ministry headquarters – Inspection directorate – safety and professional health department.
  • Labor directorates / inspection department according to the institution location, as it will be referred to the ministry headquarters for processing
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  • Procedures
  • Required Documents
  • Persons benefiting from the service
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Conditions for obtaining service

  • To apply the provisions of chapter 10th of the Jordanian labor law number (8) year (1996) articles (86 – 96).



Partner institutions:

  • Ministry of health (medical committees), to examine the worker and to issue the required final medical report. 


1st Phase :


  • Submitting the documents to the inspection directorate by the business owner or the worker or who’s entitled to compensation, and to fill a work injury notice.
  • Auditing the documents by the labor inspector.
  • Documentation of the service request from the ministry bureau.
  • Refer the injured worker to the ministry of health medical committees by an official letter to indicate the final health status and the duration of disabling according to the injury nature and the ratios of permanent disability.


2nd phase :


  • After obtaining the required medical reports by the ministry of health.
  • Submitting the medical reports to the inspection directorate. (Only to the central directorate).
  • Calculation of the due to the injured worker.
  • The commissioner will estimate the compensation by issuance of a compensation amount decision and document it.
  • Two copies of the decision will be handed to the worker or to who’s entitled of compensation or the employer.

Required Documents

  • The initial medical reports for the injured.
  • The injury notice from the employer.
  • A petition by the applicant to be referred to the medical committees

Persons benefiting from the service

Workers who are not subject to the Social Security Law.


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