Request for cancelling the deportation of migrant workers

Estimated Time:

Two days to one week


Ministry Center/ 7th Circle – Central Inspection Directorate.

Estimated Fee:

2000 JD if the committee approved to cancel deporting the worker.

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  • Procedures
  • Required Documents
  • Persons benefiting from the service
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Conditions for obtaining service

The humanitarian situation applies to the worker



Partner institutions:

Ministry of Interior/ Public Security Directorate Jordanian Banks


  1. Referring to the Inspection Directorate in the Ministry and filling the approved form and attaching the required documents.
  2. Auditing the application and documents and approving them in the Ministry bureau by the concerned employee.
  3. Presenting the application to the committee of studying the cancelation of deportation applications.
  4. The committee assigns the deportation cancelation requests and His Excellency the Minister approves the committee’s submissions.
  5. In the event of His Excellency the Minister’s approval, the employer is provided with a bank account number to pay the prescribed fine and the guarantor or representative or delegate does the following:
  • Payment of the fine of deportation cancelation.
  • Bringing the deposit slip from the bank.
  • Delivering the deposit slip to the financial directorate in the Ministry.
  1. Receiving the deposit slip and giving the applicant a receipt with the amount of deposit.
  2. Delivering the receipt to the Inspection Directorate.
  3. Issuing a guarantee official letter for the illegal worker addressed to the Police Directorates/ related department.
  4. Preparing an official letter of deportation cancelation signed by the Minister of Labour addressed to the Ministry of Interior.
  5. Delivering the deportation cancelation official letter to the applicant.

Required Documents

  1. Vocational license/ Employer.
  2. Identification card/ Employer (ID)
  3. Worker’s work permit or a copy of his passport.
  4. Any other documents depending on the situation.

Persons benefiting from the service

Migrant workers offenders to the Labour Law (worker with no work permit, worker working in a different profession than the authorized profession, worker who does not work for the same authorized employer)


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