Attestation of service certificates

Estimated Time:

(10) minutes only.


Labour Directorates/ Inspection Department, and Inspection Directorates according to the location of the institution issuing the certificate.

Estimated Fee:

  • (200) fils revenue stamps on the original certificate.
  • (200) fils revenue stamps on each additional copy.

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  • Required Documents
  • Persons benefiting from the service
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Conditions for obtaining service

  1. Presence of the applicant.
  2. A relationship between the worker and the employer.
  3. The content of the certificate not violating the provisions of the law.
  4. The issuing institution is subjected to the Labour Law.
  5. For non-Jordanians the certificate information should be compatible with the information of the work permit.



Partner institutions:



  1. Submitting the service certificate and the required documents to the Inspection Directorates or the Inspection Department in the Labour Directorate according to the location of the institution issuing the certificate.
  2. Auditing the certificate and the attachments to represent the extent of its compatibility to the Labour Law and the extent of compatibility of the information of the certificate to the information of the work permit in terms of the name and the period of service.
  3. If the conditions apply the certificate is registered in the appropriate register.
  4. If the conditions don’t apply the applicant is asked to modify the certificate.
  5. Attaching a revenue stamp of (200) fils by on the certificate.
  6. Signing the certificate and stamping it and filling the data of the stamp by the inspector.
  7. Transferring the certificate to the director of directorate for attestation.
  8. Receiving the attested certificate by the applicant, and if the applicant wanted to obtain more than one copy, he is asked to copy the desired number of copies of the certificate and affixing a revenue stamp of (200) fils for each copy to be stamped and signed by the director.

Required Documents

  1. Service certificate issued by the institution stamped and signed by the employer and including (name of institution, name of worker, profession, work start and end date).
  2. Any identification document holding the national number for Jordanians.
  3. Copy of qualification for the following majors (Medicine, accounting, engineering, law, pharmaceutics, medical majors).
  4. For non-Jordanian worker, work permit provided that the certificate is within the permit period.

Persons benefiting from the service

All workers in institutions subject to the provisions of Labour Law


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