Deciding on the suit wages

Estimated Time:

A week to two weeks for purposes of registration and notification


Ministry Center/ 7th Circle/ Directorate of Labour Affairs – Office of Wages Authority

Estimated Fee:

Stamp duty (0.003 %) on contracts and receipts presented in the lawsuit

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Conditions for obtaining service

  1. The worker should be still working.
  2. The claim is limited only to wages and overtime hours.
  3. The case should be within Amman Governorate.
  4. Appointing a lawyer if the lawsuit amount exceeded (1000) dinar.



Partner institutions:

Civil Courts/ Appellate and Cassation – Execution Management


  1. Referring to the register of wages authority and filling the form of statement of claim in two copies.
  2. Registering the claim in the claims register.
  3. Notifying the opposing party with the statement of claim by the bailiffs of Civil Courts.
  4. Determining the appointment of the hearing.
  5. Attending the hearing or hearings.
  6. Issuing the verdict when completing the presentation of facts and procedures by both parties of the lawsuit.
  7. Transferring the decision to the Appellate Court for reconsideration if the decision was appealed by one of the lawsuit parties and after presenting a plea from the other party and notifications.
  8. Transferring the decision to the Cassation Court for reconsideration if cassation was done after appeal by one of the lawsuit parties.
  9. Cassation of the lawsuit at the Cassation Court if the amount of the lawsuit exceeded (10,000) dinar.

Required Documents

  1. ID of the claimant.
  2. Documents that proves the claim if any or the names of witnesses.

Persons benefiting from the service

Jordanian and non-Jordanian workers subjected to the Jordanian Labor Law.


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