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Ministry Center – Inspection Directorate

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Conditions for obtaining service

The presence of the employer or representative according to an official document that proves it.



Partner institutions:

  • Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • Greater Amman Municipality.


  1. The employer or representative refers to the Inspection Directorate – Ministry Center to obtain the username and password of the institution.
  2. Logging into the URL of the electronic inspection system www.inspection.gov.jo.
  3. Reviewing the data of the institution and modifying it, knowing the previous visits of the institution and the actions taken against it, the workers’ information and the accreditations of safety and vocational health supervisors, with possibility to correspond with the Inspection Directorate or with the inspector directly, or the possibility of using self-inspection without direct visits.

Required Documents

  1. Commercial register of the institution.
  2. Vocational license of the institution.

Persons benefiting from the service



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