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Ministry Center/ 7th Circle/ Directorate of Employment

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Conditions for obtaining service

  1. The company should be a public shareholding or limited liability company and the government or any of its public official institutions is allowed to contribute in any of it with a 30% from its capital.
  2. It is not permitted to establish branches for the office outside the Kingdom except by the approval of His Excellency the Minister.
  3. Providing a bank guarantee of (100,000) dinar to ensure doing its job.
  4. Providing a good performance pledge for its services.



Partner institutions:

  • Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • Greater Amman Municipality


  1. Referring to the Ministry of Industry and Trade to establish a limited liability company aiming to employ Jordanians in the Kingdom in the private sector, and in both private and public sector outside the Kingdom.
  2. Providing the applicant with a letter of opinion addressed to the Ministry of Labour.
  3. Referring to the Directorate of Employment/ department of private offices.
  4. Studying the application and its attachments by the department of private offices.
  5. In the event of approval the applicant is provided with a response letter addressed to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the required documents for licensing.
  6. Referring to the department of private offices and registering all the required documents.
  7. Auditing all the attached documents and transferring the application to the licensing committee of employment offices/ companies.
  8. Studying the application by the committee and in the event of approval the decision is transferred to the secretary general (attached with required license) for the Minister’s submission for approval and issuing the license.
  9. Contacting the applicant and delivering the license.

Required Documents

  1. Opinion letter from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  2. Certified true copy of the company’s registration certificate.
  3. Bank guarantee of (100,000) dinar according to the prescribed form.
  4. ID for the company’s owner or representative (authorization letter, public agency, exclusive agency).
  5. Signed pledge according to the prescribed form.
  6. Application form for the employers and job seekers.
  7. A form of the approved agreement to realize a job opportunity between the office and the job seeker.
  8. Employment application form

Persons benefiting from the service

Individuals wanting to work in the services of companies and offices of private employment


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