Release of expatriate worker-Bail-bond

Estimated Time:

24 – 48 Hours


Ministry’s Headquarters / inspection department

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Conditions for obtaining service

  • Cases with dysfunction (after study the case by the committee of studying transfer cancelation requests).
  • In case if the worker is married from a Jordanian woman or a son of a Jordanian mother.
  • Holding a valid refugee document issued by UNHCR.
  • Humanitarian cases according to the committee decision and foundation instructions.
  •  The attendance of the sponsor in case of a valid work permit.
  • Capturing the worker with a valid work the public street.
  •  Capturing the worker for the same sponsor doing an unauthorized profession.
  • A worker with a valid work permit and a sponsor, but wasn’t holding his permit at the time of capturing.
  •  Capturing a worker in construction sector holding a valid work permit for the same sector.
  •  Capturing a worker in agriculture sector holding a valid work permit for the same sector.
  • Students and residents with their families in the condition of proving that and a valid work permit.
  • The sector of Cleaning and (load & download) with a certified agreement from an official entity.
  • Those who had issued a work permit in the same day of capture and for the same sponsor.
  • The investor or who was mentioned in the commercial register as a partner.



Partner institutions:

  • Ministry of interior / public security directorate / border and residence department.
  • Ministry of industry and trade.
  • Greater Amman municipality.


  • Submit the required documents to the inspection department – center of the ministry.
  • Audit the documents by the designated employee.
  • View the application by the transfer cancelation study committee.
  • In case of approval, to prepare a release order directed to the public security directorate.
  • Handing the release order to the applicant. 

Required Documents

  • Marriage contract and the family book for the married to a Jordanian.
  • Birth certificate and family book for the son of a Jordanian mother.
  • ID for the applicant.
  • A valid refugee card.
  • Professions license and commercial register.
  • Worker capture.
  • A copy of the worker passport.

Persons benefiting from the service

Expatriate workers


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