The ratification of the provident funds regulations

Estimated Time:

(24-48) hours


Ministry Center – 7th Circle – Directorate of Legal Affairs

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Conditions for obtaining service

  1. The fund’s membership is optional.
  2. The entire fund administration to be directly elected by the members.



Partner institutions:



  1. Submitting the preliminary draft of the regulation with a cover letter to the Ministry’s bureau and documenting and transferring it to the directorate of legal affairs.
  2. Transferring the regulation to the legal researchers.
  3. Auditing the regulation in the presence of the applicant or giving a time limit.
  4. If there are any observations the regulation is delivered to the applicant to modify it according to observations.
  5. If there are no observations the regulation is approved for the applicant, and an official addressing is prepared regarding the regulation for purposes of documentation and generalization on workers after providing the required documents.
  6. Delivering the applicant the approved regulation in accordance with an official letter.

Required Documents

  1. The regulation’s draft.
  2. Record of the fund’s general authority meeting.
  3. Results of electing the members of the administrative body.
  4. The record of the first session of the new administration.
  5. A copy of the institution’s registration certificate stating the authorized signatory of the institutions in legal matters.
  6. The official letter of the fund’s authorized signatures.

Persons benefiting from the service

Workers in private corporations


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