Training university, institutes and Vocational Training Corporation's students

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One day for approving the training


Training and Development Directorate in the Ministry of Public Works and Housing

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.1Registering the letter in the bureau.
2. Transferring the application to the training and development directorate.
3.An official letter written to the universitystating the approval and the Directoratein whichthe student will betrained, signed bytheSecretary-General.
4. Transferring it to the bureau for issuance and sending it by mail to the concerned university.
5. Student joins the Directorate to which his specialty is related according to its nature of thework
6. Upon completion ofthe training period,the student is given a letter directedto the universityshowing terminating the training period, the commitment of the student and his evaluationduring thetraining period.

Required Documents

1.Official letter from the university or the institute addressing the ministry to issue the approval of training students.
2.Issuing an approval letter from the Secretary-General  stating the number ofstudents tobe trainedin the ministry

Persons benefiting from the service

University, institutes and Vocational Training Corporation's students within the provided specializations in the ministry


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