Issuance of trust fund grant resolution (charity, community development center)

Estimated Time:

-60 days (2 months) after studying applications .



-Charities registered in the Ministry of Social Development.
-Local community development centers.
-Social society development centers.​
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Conditions for obtaining service


- The association should be registered in the Ministry of Social Development (main condition). 
- The association must have been registered for at least two years. 
- The association should have a headquarter to practice its duties through.
- The association has not failed to manage or implement a project during the last five years.
- The association should be effective and active and achieve its objectives.
- The association has not committed financial and administrative irregularities during the last three years.
- The association has not been punished during the last three years.
- The association should be committed to the legislation governing its work. 
- The general body should be representative of all different community sectors (i.e., not members of one family).


1.In the event, the association proved the fund’s success, it is possible to be granted support for the second time 3 years after the first grant.
2.In the event the association has failed to manage the fund, the fund shall be liquidated and transferred to another association. It shall be deprived of any financial grant for of five years

Partner institutions:




-The association shall submit a requisition to the Directorate of Social Development to be granted a trust fund.
-The application shall be sent to the Ministry/center for issuing approval or disapproval decision after studying applications in accordance with rules, standards and instructions of the fund’s administration.


Required Documents


-Official letter from the association showing its desire to have the grant.
-Copies of the basic system of the association.
-Copy of the association’s register certificate.
-Copy of the financial and administrative reports of the association for the last 2 years.
-Report from the directorate of social development about the association’s activities.
-list of membership in the association (members of the general body and the number of those paid their contributions).
-Copy of the training certificates of the administrative body of the association, especially persons who will supervise management of the trust fund project, if available.
-Bank account statement.
-Detailed report about projects directed by the association since it has been established.

Persons benefiting from the service

-Charities registered in the Ministry of Society Development.

-Social community development centers. 


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