Cease of legal proceedings

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7 working days.

  • Awqaf Properties Development Department.
  • Real-Estate Rentals offices of the department under Awqaf directorates around the Kingdom.
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Conditions for obtaining service

Provided that no preemptory judicial decision is made against the tenant.



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  • Submit a written request to cease the legal proceedings taken.
  • The application is referred to the Legal affairs Division for legal opinion and attorney fees.
  • The application is then referred to the Finance Department to indicate the amounts due with attorneys' fees.
  • Transfer the application to the Real-Estate Rentals committee for study and make the appropriate decision.
  • Inform the Tenant / Investor by written notice of the Committee's decision.

Required Documents

  • Individuals:
  1. Civil Status ID for all parties (tenant and sponsor).
  2. Passport for non-Jordanians.
  • Enterprises:
  1. Company’s registration certificate, a copy of the commercial registry, and a copy of the civil ID of the authorized signatory.  

Persons benefiting from the service

Tenants and investors of the Department against whom legal actions are brought.


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