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National information Technology Center

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The Center provides technical consultation to all ministries, governmental departments and institutions through:


  • Making the necessary settings on the subscriber's devices to connect with the center.
  • Monitoring the subscriber lines and the main internet lines with providers, and usage on these lines.
  • Opening the Internet channels and publish the results of the secondary school (Tawjihi) exam through the Center's network.
  • Creating a special network and open the Internet channels to publish the results of the unified admission and providing the necessary technical support and checking the site before publications.
  • Technical management of the data center both in terms of network issues and security, such as firewalls.
  • Management of the Center's Intranet.
  • Managing and developing the Center's external network.
  • Performing POC's on new equipment, and preparing the report and its usefulness to the Center.
  • Create backups, put them on external devices, and send them to the central bank.
  • Preparing a server to receive and save records of data (Logs) of the Ministry of Education and create backup copies and storing them.
  • Participating in technical committees, both internal and external.
  • Continuous network updating and application of modern technology such as IPv6 and ENUM.

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