Granting speech therapist profession practice certificate

Estimated Time:

2 weeks after passing the required test


Directorate of Licensing Occupations and Health Institutions / Health Occupations Licensing Department

Estimated Fee:

50 JD  

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Conditions for obtaining service

  • Jordanian- 2 years’ experience after masters and one year for PhD holders            


  • persons born in 1989 should bring the deferred service register or exemption certificate

Partner institutions:



1- Referring to licensing Health Professions Department and fill out the form and attach the required documents.

2-Auditing documents and approve the form.

3- Presenting certificates and experiences to the Special Audiology Licensing Committee.

4- Assigning a test (twice a year)

5- In the event of passing the test due fees shall be paid.

6- - Applicant’s information shall be entered to practice certificates issuing program.

7- Issuing profession practice certificate.

8- Certificate shall be signed by the Minister or his authorized representative.

9- Delivering the certificate to the applicant.

Required Documents

1- Certified copy of high school certificate.

2- Certified copy of bachelor’s degree certificate.

3- Certified certificate of master’s degree certificate.

4- Certified certificate of PhD degree certificate.

5- Certified copy of bachelors, masters, PhD degrees equivalency certificates for non-Jordanian certificates.

6- Copy of 2 years’ practical experience after PhD.

7- Non criminal certificate.

8- Copy of civil status ID.

9- 2 personal photos.


Persons benefiting from the service

Persons holding bachelors, masters, or PhD in speech disorders and their treatment.


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