Calculating the added value of domestic industrial products/local factories based on rules of origin set by relevant agreements

Estimated Time:

7 days as of the date of completing documentation 


    Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply/ Industrial development Directorate/ rules of origin section

Estimated Fee:

No fees

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Conditions for obtaining service

The factory should be existing and operating



Partner institutions:



1.    The applicant submits the application for calculating the added value
2.    Arrangements are made with the applicant to visit the factory, and he is notified in advance with the required documents to have them ready, including the form of calculating the added value, which should be filled by the applicant.
3.    Visiting the factory to check on the manufacturing process and the required documents
4.    Calculating the added value of the product in line with the concerned rules of origin
5.    The applicant is notified via an official letter of the result of the calculation and whether the product can be exported under the relevant agreement

Required Documents


1.    A certified balance sheet or trial balance
2.    payroll/ social security statement
3.    raw materials’ invoices
4.    The manufacturing formula
5.    A copy of the trade registration certificate of the factory
6.    A copy of the profession -practicing license
7.    Lease contracts for rented facilities or land purchasing documents
8.    a draft calculation of the percentage of local share in the manufactured product prepared by the applicant
9.    A list of machinery
10.    The contact signed with the importers, if applicable

Persons benefiting from the service

Manufacturers of Jordanian products intended for exporting under various trade agreements


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