Registration industrial designs and models

Estimated Time:

6-12 months


Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supplies/Industrial Property Protection Directorate/Industrial designs and models section.

Estimated Fee:

-    30JD as registration fees
-    50JD for publication in the Official Gazette
-    50JD for the final certificate

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Conditions for obtaining service

• The applicant should apply in person or authorize a proxy through a legal authorization letter or an agent of an industrial property in case the application concerns a foreign design or model, or a lawyer. • The design or model should be novel and undisclosed anywhere in the world, including through use and publication • The design or model should have been created independently.



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1.    The applicant, or their proxy, fills the registration application, which can be obtained online at, and presents it, along with all the necessary documents and to the reception clerk.
2.    The reception clerk prepares a receipt for the industrial design/model.
3.    The application fees are paid to the ministry’s treasurer.
4.    When the formalities of the application are completed, it is referred to the directorate’s diwan (ingoing-outgoing mail office) to take a serial number and be dated.
5.    The reception clerk refers the application then to the industrial designs and models section.
6.    The technical examiner enters the application’s data in the industrial designs and models system and examines its formalities and content.
7.    The examiner forwards the application to the Registrar to decide on it in light of the formalities and content examination.
8.    The Registrar responds to the recommendations made and action is taken accordingly.
9.    The applicant is contacted to deposit any missing document.
10.    The applicant is informed of the tentative approval or rejection of their application. 
11.    In case of approval, the applicant pays the fees for publishing the decision in the Official Gazette.
12.    The decision is published in the Official Gazette and a period of 90 days is given for any party that wishes to contest the decision.
13.    After the contesting period ends without any contest filed, the applicant pays the fees for certificate issuance.
14.    The final approval to register the industrial design/model is issued.
15.    All date related to the design/model are documented.
16.    The file is sent to the official concerned with filing, who gives it a serial number and archives it. 


Required Documents

-    Official ID card, a letter of authorization or a power of attorney
-    Three copies of drawings
-    An abstract of the design/model
-    Stating the type of product related to design/model
-    A publication form in the Official Gazette
-    A certificate of registration for the establishment (if the applicant is a legal person)
-    A document proving that the applicant is entitled to registration if they are not the inventor.
-    A certified power/letter of attorney if the applicant is a property agent or a lawyer
-    A copy of a document proving priority right, if applicable
-    The certificate of temporary protection of model/design is presented during exhibitions


Persons benefiting from the service

Creative individuals, establishments and companies and/or their representatives (a lawyer or an industrial property agent)


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