Trade name Registration

Estimated Time:

20-40 minutes for the entire process (from the submission of the application) 
Note: In case the requested trade name needs further examination for any reason, final opinion can be delayed to ensure justice and objectivity, provided that the time needed for registration of the trade name does not exceed 10 days. 



Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply/ The Central Trade & Industrial Registration Directorate/ Trade Registration Section/ industry and trade departments in all governorates 

Estimated Fee:

-    20JD for registering the trade name
-    In case a representative is present, JD5 is paid as fees for the general power of attorney and JD2 for the special power of attorney. 


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Conditions for obtaining service

Application should be submitted personally by the applicant or a person authorized by a general or special power of attorney; the original copy should be presented.



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1.    The applicant takes a number from the machine (category B)
2.    The trade registration clerk fills the trade name registration form.
3.    The clerk looks up the trade name and in case the name is already registered, the applicant is advised to choose another name and the inquiry process is repeated. 
4.    The application is double-checked by the head of the trade registration section to endorse the requested trade name.
5.    Fees are paid to ministry’s treasurer and the receipt is presented to the trade registration clerk.
6.    The head of the section double-checks and signs the certificate and presents it to the recipient.

If the requested trade name belongs to a society or a non-government body or company, the registration must be approved by the Minister of Industry and Trade.
The trade names Registrar forwards the application to the minister for endorsement of the trade name, attaching the application and the documents. 


Required Documents

•    Official ID card or passport for non-Jordanians
•    In case the trade name belongs to an existing company, the company’s registration certificate should be presented.
•    In case the trade name belongs to a charity or NGO, 
-    Certificate of incorporation stating the legal representative of the organization;
-    A general or special power of attorney in case a representative files the application, and if this authorized person was a lawyer, the letter of attorney assigning the lawyer in question should be presented. (The lawyer is only allowed to register the name for the company and no other actions such as modification, transfer of ownership or cancellation are allowed). 


Persons benefiting from the service

Merchants (individual and corporate establishments); charities


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