obtaining Family book for Instead of Missing or Instead of Damaged

Estimated Time:

Two hours


All the offices of civil status and passports department.
Jordanian embassies and consulates abroad

Estimated Fee:

• 5 JD Instead of Missing  +10 JD written pledge
• 3 JD Instead of  Damaged

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  • Procedures
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Conditions for obtaining service

The new request does not accept even payment the value of the previous financial guarantee and that is in case of loosing the family book for the second time within a period of less than three years from issuing the first Instead of missing family book.


• Impose  pledge in value of 10 JD to each missing  of family  book for the first time to keep them from future loss.
• Imposition of a written pledge the value of 10 JD on each of the family book for the second time will be charged the value of the pledge if the loss in three years.
• Imposed juridical guarantee  in  the value of JD (50) on each of the lost family book for the third time With the collection of the value of the pledge imposed the second time And the value of ten dinars If the missing  through the last three years.

Partner institutions:

The Police Center Ministry of Justice Follow-up and Inspection Department


• Visit the audience service desk and filing an application form of obtaining the service then getting the turn number.

• Visiting the admissions officer  submitting transactions to accepting  it on system by duly.

• Visit the Office head  or his assistant to approval of the transaction

• Visit treasurer to Pay legal fees.

• Converting the request to entries section to enter data of family book and incident

• Converting the request to to the archive section to archive the request .

• Converting the request to the printing section to print the document .

• Stamping and signed the documents

• Delivery the certificate for the service recipient after the financial voucher handover to delivery employee.

Required Documents

- Report from Police Center of loss If the Missing  occurred within the country and get circulate on it.
- Report of the security in the country where the loss occurred if it out of the country and to provide transaction to the Jordanian embassy abroad.
- Financial guarantee to keep book value is determined by the head of the office in both cases (Instead of missing  /instead of  damaged)
- Statistics cards of yellow bridges and explained from follow-up and Inspection for  those who is required from it.
- Identity cards of the applicant.

Persons benefiting from the service

Jordanian citizens


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